Introducing MFO Premium’s New Home Page

Dear Friends,


Our MFO Premium site has moved!


Well, actually, that’s not the biggest news.


The biggest news is that we’ve adopted several new features that will make our search tools site more friendly and support its growth.


The new website location is: Shortly, we will simply redirect visitors of current location to make the move transparent.


You should have received an email, entitled “Set Your New Password” from MFO Premium ( You may need to check your junk mail folder, unless you’ve added us to your “Safe Senders List.” (You can also just go to the site’s Account tab and request a new password.)


You should not notice much difference in our appearance, but behind the curtain, a lot has changed. Principally, we’ve adopted the WordPress website management system platform, which powers more than a third of the websites across the world and offers numerous features to enhance user experience.


The first such feature is a new user portal, which should make it easier for users to subscribe (including corporate accounts with up to 10 sub-accounts), renew/extend, and reset passwords.


Please note that we’ve also adopted a new policy to make all subscriptions non-recurring, but you can extend your subscription at any time and you will receive a renewal email reminder a month before expiration. We find the practice of automatically recurring subscriptions presumptuous.


Finally, to help compensate for any inconvenience our transition may cause, we’ve extended all subscriptions by two months, including expired ones (which will be reactivated for two months).


As always, if you see anything amiss or have suggestions for improvement, let us know and we will respond soonest.